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Some challenges require a joined-up approach. We work with our member Law Centres and with other organisations to make the UK a fairer place.

Our projects develop services to help people in need.

They experiment with better ways to assist. They let us learn more on about the problems we are trying to tackle. They also connect up local action on shared national issues.

Here are some examples of our current and recent work. If you would like to team up with us and tackle new challenges, get in touch.


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Current Projects

Law Centre Hub Project (Baring Foundation)

In the cost-of-living emergency, demand for legal advice continues to grow. Our hubs project aims to help Law Centres to help more people with more issues.

We are working with Law Centres in three different regions of the UK. We are helping them adopt a hub-and-spoke approach for collaborating with other local groups. In this model, Law Centres gain new skills in community engagement, partnership building and coproduction.

These help them build stronger relationships with local groups and with the wider community. They also help them respond better to the changing needs of local people.

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Victims of Crime Project (The Bell Foundation)

What hurdles do victims of crime face when English is not their mother tongue? In today's diverse Britain, this question is very relevant, as people who look or sound 'foreign' are targeted with violence.

The Network is collaborating with Law Centres in two separate regions. Each Law Centre is taking its own approach to supporting victims of crime with English as a second language. We have been sharing their insights with other Law Centres, to encourage them to set up similar services.

We have also been finding out how the police approaches this issue. Do forces understand it as a vulnerability at all? Do victims get the support they need to be understood? Through Freedom of Information requests, we have built a picture of the gaps in support and made recommendations for addressing them.

EU Settled Status Project (HM Government)

Following Brexit, people with EU Citizenship can settle their UK migrant status through the EU Settlement Scheme. However, some people have more complex situations: these mean that they find it harder to apply with this scheme than others.

To support these people with complex cases to apply for settlement, we co-ordinated a nationwide advice service, working with 16 Law Centres and partners. The Network's involvement enabled Law Centres to access a funding opportunity from the government.

We also used case data to analyse the types of vulnerability that we found among the people we helped. We shared this in a report, that also made recommendations on how to improve support for them.

Read the report

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Recent Partnerships


Renters Reform Coalition

In anticipation of the Renters Reform Bill, this collection of charities working in the housing sphere and grassroots tenants groups has got together to make sure the bill reflects renters’ interests. We have been involved in campaigning and policy work. This work is ongoing.


Could we work together?

We are always looking for new partners to collaborate with to fight for justice in the UK. If you have any ideas, then please reach out.

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