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We are always looking for groups that share our vision of justice for all

Law Centres are known for delivering high-quality legal services, free of charge, to help people manage everyday problems.

Our 42 Law Centres serve many communities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Still, there are many more communities with little or no access to the legal advice they need. Can you help us reach them?

Being part of our network offers fantastic benefits. We are the only membership organisation exclusively dedicated to not-for-profit legal advice organisations. You will also be joining an established movement, with more than 50 years of service.

If you are a legal advice organisation, and are considering joining our movement, we would love to hear from you.

What we are looking for

We work hard to protect our shared reputation, so the bar for membership is set high.

Every Law Centre must reflect our shared values and meet our membership criteria. These include:

  • Structure

    You are a registered charity or a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO)

  • Location

    Serving a defined community of place or interest, that is not already covered by a Law Centre

  • Expertise

    Employing at least two lawyers (i.e. solicitor, barrister, or chartered legal executive)

  • Connections

    Being led by your local community and accountable to it

  • Governance

    Being governed by an active management committee / trustee board

  • Branding

    Taking on the Law Centre name, that is a registered trade mark, and our branding

Three steps to becoming a Law Centre

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01. Contact your nearest Law Centre: Find out if there is already a Law Centre in your area. If there is, talk to them about how you can support their work. If there is no Law Centre near you...

02. Find out what it means to be a Law Centre: Is setting up a Law Centre the best fit for you? Here are some more details to give a clearer picture and help you decide.

Thinking of becoming a Law Centre?

03. Get in touch: If you do not already have a Law Centre, and you think setting one up would be a good fit for your organisation, we would love to hear from you. You do not need to meet our membership requirements already - we can help you get there.

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