for a just and equal society

Everyone’s rights need to be protected

We champion the work of Law Centres across the UK, support the services they provide, and campaign together on a national scale for equal access to justice for everyone.

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The opposite of poverty is not wealth - it's justice.

Our society is unequal, but it does not have to be this way. We are at the heart of a movement for change.
We support and develop a network of local hubs across the country, that help people in poverty overcome legal problems.
We are a specialist support organisation: the only UK charitable organisation dedicated to supporting legal assistance charities.

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The Law Centres Network strives for a just society

We help Law Centres across the country to collaborate with each other, to provide more diverse and accessible services to their communities, and bring people together to fight against injustice.

How we work

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    We work collaboratively to develop Law Centre services so more people can get help with a wider range of problems closer to home

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    We make sure that people working in Law Centres get the support they need in their work and in their wellbeing

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    We use our expertise to help people, organisations, and public bodies use the law to get better solutions to their problems

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    We identify laws, policies, and systems that hurt vulnerable people and campaign for fairer alternatives

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    We form alliances with other groups on issues like housing rights, migrants’ rights, and human rights

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Money is an unfair barrier to justice in our society. Your donations help us level the playing field.

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