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Taking action against unequal systems

We are the Law Centres Network. We make the UK a fairer place by helping people get justice, even if they cannot afford a lawyer.

We do it by supporting local Law Centres across the UK, where people can get help from a lawyer to overcome their problems.

For nearly fifty years, we have been at the centre of a movement for social justice. We want to make the UK a fairer place, and we believe that people in greater need should get more help.

Together with local Law Centres, we deliver faster, more accessible and more joined-up help to people where they live.

We do this in three ways:

1. Getting more help to people in need

Times are tough, and more people need help. We support Law Centres to keep up with demand.

This means helping them to get more funding to run their services, and to make better use of the funding they have. We also offer guidance, training and consultancy, along with support for back office functions like billing and HR.

It is important to adapt to changes, and this means developing new local services to help with more problems. We support Law Centres to recruit and retain the best people they can for the job. We also help existing Law Centres grow, and help new ones get started.

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2. Solving bigger problems together

Some challenges are better met together. We help make this happen.

Our support lets Law Centres work together on larger projects or more complex services than they would manage on their own. We also help Law Centre professionals share knowledge, learn, and work together as a community.

When the pandemic hit, the IT upgrades that we lead on meant that Law Centres stayed accessible to those who needed them. We continue to develop new digital tools, to help local Law Centres work together more effectively.

Nathan and LCs working together

3. Speaking out for change

Many people feel that the system is rigged against them. It does not have to be this way. 

Together with helping those we can, we try to change the unfair policy choices that create people’s problems. Every day, we see the injustice and hardship that people face. We capture it and expose it publicly.

We support our clients to speak out about it, and we demand the change we need. To make the case for it, we conduct research and marshal evidence for policymakers. We also join forces with other groups to campaign for a better way.

Human rights!

Theory of Change

Our new Theory of Change shows the broad range of work we do at the Law Centres Network to help achieve a more just and equal society for all.

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Working together for greater impact

Our work helps Law Centres’ resources go further, making services more accessible for people who need them and amplifying our collective voice.

Our Impact

For every £1 we receive in membership fees, we give £25 back to each Law Centre in our network:

of direct funding
in services and discounts

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