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We fight to make the UK a fairer place

Each Law Centre is a key part of its local ‘safety net’ services. It gives free legal assistance, to help people overcome problems and get on with their lives.

“Whenever we’ve needed anything, big or small, it's always easy to contact you. Every time I reached out to LCN for support it has been there in spades!” 

LCN does not give legal assistance, but we support our local Law Centres to do it instead: to help more people, with more problems, in more locations across the country.

To do this, we help local Law Centres:

Take up more funding opportunities for their services

Remain accessible to people who need them

Collaborate on tackling common problems

For nearly 50 years, the Law Centres Network has helped Law Centres punch well above their weight.
With every job we help sustain, with every advice hour we help free up, with every local service that we facilitate, we help not just our members but society as a whole.

in funding, services and discounts returned to Law Centres last year for every £1 of membership fees they paid
groups and organisations supported last year on their journey to become new Law Centres
Law Centres took part last year in developing a new service model for family law advice

Featured Publications

Annual Review 2022–23

Annual Review 2022–23

"Don't think we can afford to mince words and actions with the world as it is": Read how we’ve been responding to challenges, strengthening the Network and planning for the future over the past year.

Download LCN Annual Review 2022–23.pdf

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WBG Report

Legal aid cuts have set women back, with a "double whammy": fewer problems covered and less help available. Here we and member Law Centres evidence this systemic unfairness.

Download WBG Report.pdf

European flags.jpg

Vulnerability Report

Through Brexit, Law Centres have been helping EU citizens in the UK secure their settled status. Here we share what we've learned on who needs more support to apply and how.

Download Overlapping Vulnerabilities Report.pdf

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Defending the Public Purse

Especially in a cost-of-living crisis, the government should invest in free legal assistance. This would benefit both people and the public purse, as this report, to which we have contributed, shows.

Download Defending the Public Purse.pdf

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