More and more people need our assistance to tackle injustices, that endanger their homes, livelihoods or loved ones. Law Centres can now only assist 1 in 3 people who contact us.

Donate today, so we can help more people tomorrow.

The Law Centres Network is a registered charity, regulated by the Charity Commission.

Keep in touch

You can join our circle of friends and keep in touch with the Law Centres Network through our email newsletter or social media accounts. If you used to work or volunteer in a Law Centre, make sure to drop us a line and join our Alumni Network.

Volunteer at a Law Centre

If you are legally trained, a law student, or with no legal training at all – there are many ways in which a Law Centre would benefit from your skills. Find out about current volunteer positions in our vacancies section, or by contacting your local Law Centre directly.

Law Centres also operate pro bono clinics in which volunteer lawyers provide advice under qualified supervision, for example, to extend reception times in the evenings. If you work for a law firm or are involved in your college law clinic and would like to work pro bono with your local Law Centre, please contact us.

Another great way to get involved is to become a trustee of your local Law Centre and to help manage it, or to set up a new Law Centre.  If you are passionate about social justice, your legal or other skills and experience could help to develop your local Law Centre as a real asset to your community. To find out more, contact us.

Work for a Law Centre

Law Centres are rewarding places to work, in paid or unpaid positions, for those who want to make society more just and equal.

Law Centres deliver advice through lawyers and qualified caseworkers but they also employ a variety of other professionals, such as managers, administrators, community outreach workers and volunteer co-ordinators.

Whatever your professional capacity, to work at a Law Centre you would need a wide range of skills, including an awareness of social exclusion and the willingness to use your knowledge and skills to inform people of their rights, get involved in community legal education projects and contribute to social policy work. 

Current opportunitiews, paid or voluntary, can be found on our vacancies page.