March 2020
Network Event
Network Event
11 March 2020 - 11 March 2020
Online Demo: Management of Back-Office Systems

As part of the Lottery funded Digital Transformation project, LCN has surveyed and is in the process of interviewing Law Centre staff to understand what challenges you face in your work, and where possible, to think about what solutions might help.


Some of the themes we have identified so far relate to issues with management of back-office systems e.g. human resources, fundraising, contacts and volunteering, and there is a sense that digitisation could help with some of these core office functions.

Since 2014, LCN has been using SalesForce to manage many of its back office functions, and this has really helped to reduce paper filing, duplication and staff time spent on admin, whilst bringing information together in one easy-to-access system.

We ran a demo of this system at the last Admin and Finance meeting in Coventry and there was quite a bit of interest from the group to explore this further. Therefore, this meeting is an opportunity for us to demo the system to the wider network to see whether there is any interest in developing something similar to assist with admin and office management at Law Centres. The ultimate goal would be a ready-made system for Law Centre that could be rolled out across the network to those who want it but to do this we really need to hear your views and priorities.


This is an online meeting. Invitations and dial in structions will be sent after sign up.