What is the value of Law Centres?

Much of Law Centres' routine work takes place out of the limelight. Still, it has a big impact not just on the lives of our clients and their families, but on the wider community. By keeping people from slipping into debt, helping them keep their homes or hold on to their jobs, Law Centres also save vital funds for the public purse.

We think it is important to understand the necessary role of Law Centres among other support services and for the community as a whole. For this reason we undertake periodic studies of the value of Law Centres' work.

Funding for Law Centres - November 2014

Why should government fund Law Centres directly? For one, because our beneficial impact is under threat from central and local funding cuts. This report, drawn up by ICF UK, draws on published and new information to examine the damage of cuts and the way forward in public funding for Law Centres.

Funding for Law CentresDownload[530 KB]

The Social Impact of Law Centres - Spring 2013

What is the social impact of Law Centres' work? This study, conducted by pwc UK, looks at four main areas of law that we cover across a sample of Law Centres. It calculates the effect of our interventions based on agreed unit costs and quantifies our benefit to the public purse. 

Law Centres Social Impact StudyDownload[1.53 MB]

The Socio-Economic Value of Law Centres - Spring 2009

This study follows a method called SROI: Social Return on Investment. Conducted by nef consulting, it quantifies the value of the three main areas of Law Centres' work: individual casework, public legal education and information, and advocacy to influence social policy.

Socio-Economic Value of Law CentresDownload[118 KB]