The PRE-Brexit Project

The “Protecting the Rights of EEA nationals in the wake of Brexit” (PRE-Brexit) project provides immigration advice to EEA nationals and their family members, on residence rights before and after Brexit.

Funded by the Trust for London, the project is a partnership between the Law Centres Network (Coordinator), the East European Resource Centre, Harrow Law Centre and Lambeth Law Centre.

Taking place between January 2018 and January 2020, this project will engage with low-waged EEA nationals and their family members, as well as with professionals supporting them.

To reach EEA nationals in greatest need, partners will employ bottom-up approaches such as outreach, engagement with grassroots organisations, and a Community Champions scheme. This latter scheme will empower EEA community members to act as trusted intermediaries, and to ensure that our work is tailored and responsive to community needs. We plan to share our learning from this experience through a one-day conference in 2019.

The project’s events are free, confidential and specialist, but are restricted to London. For more details, please get in touch with Laura Chilintan at


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