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Know your rights!

If you are a citizen of another EEA country living in the UK, here are some simple guides and information explaining your rights, also available as one document below. 

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Guides by topic

How does Brexit - the UK's decision to leave the European Union - affect you right now as an EU citizen in the UK? Read our Brexit guide! 

Are you facing aggression because you are a migrant? See what you can do in our hate crime fact sheet.

Have you been dismissed unfairly, or not been paid? Find your rights at work here.

Are you being evicted, or is your landlord harassing you? Check your housing rights here.

Do you want to register with a GP, or to better understand the healthcare system? A guide to your healthcare rights can be found here.

Are you considering applying for permanent residence, or trying to understand what ‘right to reside’ refers to? Information on the right to reside can be found here.

Do you know how to report a crime, or what to do if police stops you? Find out more about your right to safety here.

Are you unsure whether you can claim benefits? Do you want to know what you are entitled to? Find out about social security (benefits) in the UK here.

Do you want to register your child in school, or complain about one? Information on your or your child’s right to education can be found here.

Do you want to understand your rights as a person or carer for a person with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, or physical or mental illnesses? Find out about disability rights here and social care rights here.

Have you been discriminated against? Check your rights in the case of discrimination here.

Do you want to take someone to court? Did you receive a removal or deportation order? Understand your right to access justice here and the rules around immigration enforcement here.

Download a summary of the guides above as one document here: 

Living Rights Guides SUMMARYDownload[1.19 MB]

New Europeans Survival Guides - May 2018

Our project partners New Europeans have produced their own 'survival guides' on Brexit, voting and getting involved, which we are happy to share here: 

Survival Guide - BrexitDownload[672 KB]

Other resources

Combating racist abuse in the workplace: a guide from the Trades Union Congress (TUC) on protecting migrant and Black and Minority Ethnic workers from violence, harrassment and abuse.