The EU Citizens' Rights Information Service

European event

The Law Centres Network is delivering a service to facilitate factual, non-political information sessions on EU citizens’ rights in the UK in the context of Brexit, and on the 2019 European Parliament elections.

This service is demand-led, and we invite community organisation across the UK to request a solicitor to provide legal information at their events, on EU citizens' rights in the wake of Brexit, and on the 2019 European Parliament elections.

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Not sure what this would involve? Click here for things to think about as you plan an event.

If you are an organisation working with EU nationals, you can also join the service's closed Facebook group. There you can find information and material for EU nationals that you can share more widely. There you will also be able to learn about events across the UK relating to Brexit and the European Parliament elections.

Your organisation is also welcome to join a database we are creating, of organisations working with EU nationals in the UK. This is in order to help the European Commission, and us on their behalf, keep interested groups informed on matters relating to citizens rights through Brexit and beyond. This is in line with our Privacy Policy.

This work is supported by the European Commission Representation in the UK. The project runs until 29 March 2019.