"That is still my belief as someone who fought for 30 years to get the Human Rights Act. It is more important for the most vulnerable people in our society that there is effective access to legal services through civil legal aid than it is to have the Human Rights Act."

Lord Lester, one of the authors of the Human Rights Act [HL Deb, 20.12.2011, c1705]

The Law Centres Network strives for a just and equal society where everyone’s rights are valued and protected. We do this by supporting a national network of Law Centres that work with some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in society.

We are the national voice of Law Centres and their clients, representing them at all levels of government and in various national forums.

We support our member Law Centres to help them achieve their full potential and be as sustainable as possible.

We help to set up new Law Centres, initiate new services, and champion the model of free and independent legal advice and representation.

We also support and develop special projects. Currently, these include legal services for young people, promoting equality and human rights and tackling discrimination.

The Law Centres Network is run by a small staff team and a board of trustees drawn mostly from our member Law Centres.

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