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March 26th 2015

We need a justice system that reflects our values: our new joint manifesto

As the general election draws near, politicians are missing out on a key vote winner: justice. Changes introduced by this parliament mean: An extra 400,000 people a year are being denied access...

March 24th 2015

Sheffield Citizens Advice and Law Centre welcomes Parliament benefits report

Sheffield Citizens Advice and Law Centre (SCALC) has welcomed today's report from the Work and Pensions Select Committee on benefit sanctions as it takes on board the evidence that SCALC ...

March 12th 2015

Review legal aid to ensure access to justice: our response to JSC report

Today the House of Commons Justice Committee has published its report on the impact of reforms to civil legal aid on access to justice. The report condemns the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) handling o...

March 12th 2015

Equality safeguards in work are not 'out of date': Law Centre lawyers respond

News media today have been preoccupied with comments made by Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP). In an interview recorded last autumn Mr Farage said that UKIP would scrap much...

February 26th 2015

Law Society president visits Hackney Community Law Centre

Today, 26th February, Hackney Community Law Centre has had the pleasure of welcoming Andrew Caplen, the president of the Law Society, which is the professional body for all solicitors in England an...

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