July 23rd 2014

Just over a year old, Ealing Law Centre has its first High Court judgment

Ealing Law Centre has reached a milestone in its development with its first High Court judgment. This judgment is of significance to all those representing destitute victims of domestic violence. ...

July 9th 2014

Law Centre successfully challenges asylum detention programme

The Migrants' Law Project at Islington Law Centre has won a significant legal challenge to the Home Office's 'Detention Fast Track' programme, which was ruled unlawful. This follows two previous un...

July 2nd 2014

Challenges of access to justice: new study of Law Centres launched

A  new academic study of Law Centres and their vital role in providing access to social justice was launched on Friday, 27th June. Speaking for the authors of “Access to Justice for Dis...

July 2nd 2014

LCN takes part in research project on multilingualism in UK cities

The Law Centres Network is involved in several research projects related to the Law Centres, their work and their communities. We have recently agreed to take part in a new multi-agency project on ...

June 24th 2014

Islington Law Centre successfully challenges legal aid restrictions

The High Court has found that the Legal Aid Agency had unlawfully refused exceptional case funding in several immigration cases, one of which included a case of a refugee seeking family reunificati...

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