September 30th 2016

PRESS RELEASE: LCN disappointed with court refusal of G4S legal challenge

The High Court has today refused permission for a Judicial Review of a controversial decision to award the national equalities and human rights helpline contract to outsourcing corporation G4S. Thi...

September 5th 2016

LCN challenges Government on discrimination helpline

The Law Centres Network is initiating a legal challenge to Government’s decision to award the contract for operating the national discrimination advice helpline to G4S, a large multi-national...

August 26th 2016

Law Centres training tomorrow's social welfare leaders

Three Law Centres have been announced as host organisations for a lucrative solicitor training programme focused on social welfare law.  The Justice First Fellowships, offered by the Legal Ed...

June 30th 2016

Five things that the latest legal aid stats tell us

This morning the Ministry of Justice published its quarterly legal aid statistics. Today’s release is particularly important: it is a picture of the first full three years after the civil leg...

June 24th 2016

The EU referendum: Law Centres' response

Following the result of yesterday's referendum on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union, we would like to make the following statement. Law Centres exist to help people in disadvan...

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