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Living Rights is a two-year project to encourage the successful inclusion and participation of EU citizens living in the UK. It is funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union.

To achieve this, the project will deliver information activities aimed at equipping EU citizens, public officials, local politicians and policymakers with clear, accessible and tailored information on EU rights.

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Know Your Rights

Want to know more about your rights at work, in housing, about how to register your child in school, and many more?

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NEW: how does Brexit affect you as an EU citizen in the UK?

Click here for the latest government statement on this, or below for our factsheet (last updated in November 2016). 

Living Rights Brexit FactsheetDownload[386 KB]

NEW: Hate Crime after 'Brexit' Factsheet

Are you facing aggression because you are a migrant? Find out what you can do!

Living Rights Hate Crime FactsheetDownload[654 KB]

What the project does

The project activities include:

  • Awareness-raising events for EU citizens in the UK on their rights here
  • 'One stop shop' outreach sessions, to help resolve day-to-day issues
  • Community champions to take social and civic rights information into their communities
  • Workshops for public officials, to increase awareness of EU citizens’ needs
  • ‘Town Hall’ meetings to encourage civic engagement of EU citizens in the UK
  • Networking events for policy practitioners on systemic barriers to mobility 

Why we do it

When people are more aware of their rights, this can improve their lives by:

  • Assisting EU citizens in the UK to exercise their rights in a lawful, meaningful way
  • Empowering EU citizens to access information, advice and support before problems worsen and become extremely complex
  • Reducing barriers to accessing services by having better-informed public officials at the forefront
  • Increasing the civic engagement of EU citizens in the UK through activities such as volunteering, voting, or taking part in local community initiatives
  • Gathering data on the barriers EU citizens face when accessing their rights, to inform policy and services.

Our partners

Law Centres Network is delivering the Living Rights Project in collaboration with ten partner organisations across the UK:

We have created a Twitter list to help you follow all project partners on social media. The project hashtag is #EULivingRights. 

For further details about the project contact Laura on 020 3637 1335 or

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The project is funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union.